DogeHeros- Platform where you can mine DogeCoin. Real Or Fake!!

Doge, Doge, Doge…!! Now a day every one talking about DogeCoin, So what is it?

Well, Doge has been developed as a joke by two IBM Software Engineer Billy Markus and his friend Jackson Palmer on 6th Dec 2013. It is also a kind of Cryptocurrency which offers P2P open source and maily used to reward people on Twitter and Reddit for sharing quality content. Unlike other Cryptos it didn’t has Limited Supply, it’s Unlimited.

Since It became the 5th largest Digital Coin in market capatalisation and Elon Musk has also annouced that doge will be accepted for SpaceXs’ next mission and Doge will become first digital coin which will go to the Moon.

This is Why Doge mining is Important and I’m gonna introduce an exciting and adorable way to mine DogeCoin and its Cloud mining. To get started just click on the Given link👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

and get started for free of cost. And you can also purchase some Minners on this website using your DogeCoin in just 100, 250, 500 and many more Doges…!!

Since supply of DogeCoin is Unlimited so you can mine Doge very fast, from 1 Doge a day to 1250 Doge a day.

How to get Started?

It’s very simple just click on the give given link and then click on register and then you will get interface like this

Fill the required Data and remenber your DogeCoin Wallet Address and password for you login. After get registered your free mining will start autometically but it will quite slow to boost this you can buy a minner by depositing DogeCoin Here.

How to Deposite?

For deposite Doge to the website just login to your account

  • Step 1: click on deposit button
  • Step 2: Now enter the amount as much as you want to deposite
  • Step 3: Now a QR code and Wallet address will appear like this, Scan QR code or you can send directly to Doge Address
  • Step 4: After confirmation it will show in your account (takes almost 5 min to get confirm).

How to Withdraw?

To get withdrawal, follow these steps

  • Step 1: Click on Withdraw
  • Step 2: Enter Ammount of Doge you want to withdraw
  • Step 3: Click Confirm Withdraw

After this your Doge will get withdrawn to the wallet that you have been attach at the begening i.e at the time of registration.

NOTE:- You Cann’t change your Withdrawal address, So you have to remember you wallet which you have been to the website.

And this is not the end, Here you can collect free 0.1 Doge for Free in every 2 hrs from Faucet tab and website has many games and Bounty programmes too. O….Shit I forget I have to collect Faucet now.. Thanks for Reading it Out.

Happy Mining!!



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