First CryptoCurrency that You can Mine with your Phone, Efficiently!! Pi Network

Rishu Kumar
3 min readMay 12, 2021


Now a day, Everyone want that atleast He/ She has a cryptocurrency and to fulfill this he/ she invests in crypto and its quite risky due to up and down graphs of crypto. What will you do if, I said you can have crypto,

  • without being invested in crypto
  • beside investing we have only one option mining, and if tries to mine bitcoin now a day, you electricity bill will be more than your income, beside this you need heavy hasrate machines, servers and equipments.

Instead of mining with a whole system, if you can mine with just your mobile phone or laptop. “What will you do?”, offcourse you will mine. Am I right?

Let me Introduce, Pi Network -A Crypto network created by Phd Fellows and Instructor of Standford University.

Meet Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis and Dr. Chengdiao Fan, PhD fellow from Standford University and also worked as instructor at Standford University, develop this Pi Coin. Another Decentralised currency like Bitcoin and Ethereum but with a twist. Mining of Pi coin is very easy as compare to Bitcoin.

Pi coin is Mobile friendly i.e you can mine easily with your smart phone or mobile phone with an internet connection. Currently, the day on which I’m writing it out i.e on 12th May, Pi network has 17M miners and its increasing rapidly. It’s a golden oppertunity for freshers who wants to learn this market. “How its work?”

Crypto now becomes the need of every one. MNCs like Tesla, Dell and many more accepts crypto as payment.

Now questions come that “How its Work?”, for this Pi network uses the same blockchain network as of Bitcoin and Ethereum but in simple and advanced way. And since its new deCentralised currency hence it’s smart and offers real time value.

Mining is quite easy you need just start mining in every 24 hours i.e in a day and forget it either its minimize or you had cut or closes the application it didn’t mind. It will mine your Pi Coin Continuesioly.

To get started Pi mining you can use this link- and don’t forget to use my username (SinghRishu01) as your invitation code to get an exicting prizes and even a Whole Pi Coin!

Conclusion- No one will give you a single penny in FreeFund but cryptos can, if you have your Mobile and Internet.